Video Analysis


Match Viewing with Coach

Sit down with a coach and watch a match together. This is geared toward junior players, but could apply to players of any age. Often times lessons are geared toward technique and on the court, but what is often missed is the ability to see patterns of play and understand what goes on in between points. Players need to understand when momentum shifts are happening. Watching a match video whether it is of that player, or of any match, can be invaluable to players.

Technical Stroke Analysis

We use Dartfish Software to do technical stroke analysis. We take video of your strokes and break them down into key positions that are analyzed in detail by us. We can show you where your technique is solid and where it could be improved. We can compare your strokes side-by-side with a reference player, and we can compare your strokes side-by-side at different times so you can see exactly how your strokes are developing over the course of time.


"Tony Yang is a competent, hardworking Dartfish Certified Analyst that has done some great work for Player Development. He was among the first representatives from our Regional Training Centers at Eagle Fustar to do his own technical analysis for RTC camps and has also helped us with a very complex tagging project for tactical analysis. His level of skill and attention to detail insure that Eagle Fustar will be on the cutting edge of providing video analysis services." - David A. Ramos, Manager of Coaching Education and Performance at the USTA Player Development National Training Center in Lake Nona, Florida

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